Thursday, January 22, 2015

Through the iPhone: December 2014 Edition

**Just a reminder that I'm making my blog private in the next couple weeks to a month. If you want to be given permission to access the blog drop me an email or leave a comment and I'll do my best to figure it out. If you have a gmail/google account that will enable you to sign-in and read and if you don't I should be able to arrange for posts to be emailed to you.**

Maddie was so excited when they had Santa's Workshop at school. She asked me to have paper, tape and scissors waiting in her bedroom and when she got home she holed up in her room wrapping gifts. She was so excited she insisted we open them that evening.

I told Andy that all I wanted for my birthday was Costco's All-American chocolate cake and I was going to eat it all day. He did get it for me (along with some boots I wanted) and it's almost all I ate all day. We enjoyed it starting at breakfast (good thing I squeezed in an early morning workout!).

As you can see we got about 1/4 of the way through it by that evening. We ate some more for Lucy's birthday and now the rest is in the freezer tempting me.

Above Lucy watches Charlie enjoy some breakfast and below Maddie hangs in our cozy living room all decked out for Christmas.

My sweet, cuddly Lucy is so precious to rock at naptime.

Maddie's Daisy troop sang Christmas carols at a local assisted living facility. Lucy joined in for awhile (and did some impressive nose picking).

Oh, Rainbow Loom. Those bands had been all sorted by color...

Cozy with MorMor!

Bedtime sillies

Lucy enjoyed a dinner out with my parents.

Lucy loves her new Olaf hat from Nonna.

Charlies loves the fire as much as we do.

We had just more than a dusting of snow and the girls were inspired to make snow men. I helped them as much as possible but there was barely enough snow. Maddie got rather frustrated and it was dark before we got something done that she was pleased with enough to stop.

My parents took us to our first RU basketball game and we had a great time.

Avvie likes to get cozy when she gets up in the morning. She's not happy when I tell her it's time to leave her cozy nest to get dressed.

I had a good laugh when I came in Maddie's room after she had left for school and found Molly and Kirsten enjoying drinks together.
Lucy's birthday present was a little Dyson vacuum. She loves it and the second I get mine out she runs for hers. She tries to stay close by which can complicate my vacuuming a bit but it's pretty cute.

Maddie was a cooperative patient when she got some sealants on her molars.

These two made my night with some pretend "honk shoe" sleeping.

I took this to document the decorations but I really enjoy the leaping Lu and draped-over-the-ottoman Avster.

Santa Lucia Day!

I usually work out in the mornings before the girls are up and sometimes they join me by the end.

Jessie and I did some last minute mall shopping for our husbands' Christmas presents. These three were pretty good! Avonlea enjoyed her Auntie Anne's pretzel on an interesting recliner at Brookstone.

Avvie got tired so she hopped in the stroller and Jessie let me borrow the Ergo for Lucy. She loved it--perhaps she remembered the hours upon hours she spent in it her first year+ of life.


Nothing beats a nap in MorMor's arms. It saved me a trip down to church nursery!

I caught Lucy red-handed stealing candy off of the gingerbread house.

My parents took the girls to a basketball game and they LOVED it! Maddie was especially interested in the game.

My dad was working from home on a day I had bible study at my parents' house. He watched Lu for me and snapped this picture of her living the life. It was nice to be able to focus on the study for once!
While Beth labored Nate and Sammy hung out at my house (my mom was watching them and came over to along with Jessie and Luke). There was some intense jumping and shouting when we got the good news that baby Erik was born!

After all that bouncing and excitement it was popcorn and a movie time.

I love this little girl!

Andy was away for work for a few days and the girls and I were feeling antsy but also not like getting out of our cozy pjs. So, we piled in the car and went through the Wendy's drive through for a lunch treat.