Tuesday, December 16, 2014


The weekend before Halloween we headed down to Charlottesville to see some of our favorite people. It was, as always, so much fun! Here are the pictures to prove it :)
The girls started out the trip excited, looking forward to their time with their friends and enjoying the novelty of snacks, pillows and the DVD player in the car. And then they hit a wall and looked like this!

This little guy was only a few weeks old when we went to Bald Head Island! Such a cutie.

We met up with my college friend Becca, her husband who is Andy's med school friend and their four kids for lunch on the lawn on Saturday. The kids played so nicely and we lounged and caught up. (I actually had the treat of seeing Becca the weekend before in NYC when she was up to visit Jenny, along with Kim.)

Lucy lost it with the kettle corn. She takes after her mom...
Eleven kids between us! The McInnes family is the slacker family with only three kids ;)
A first taste of an Oreo!

That stroller has baby S in it (in the Oreo picture above). The girls treated her like a doll and walked her all over the lawn. I kept forgetting there was a real baby and not a doll in there!

Med school pals, now all successful doctors in their fields

At one point the soccer ball ended up over the fencing (major renovations happening at the Rotunda). Somehow David managed to fetch it and when he landed on the ground I seriously thought we were going to be carrying him across the street to the ER with a broken leg. He came down hard! (But apparently is very limber.)
Too bad our kids are a mix of grumpy, goofy and fading into a nap in this picture.

Lucy invaded our bed and pretty much hogged it both nights.

This picture is pretty awful but I wanted to document seeing my college roommate Christine and her impossibly cute baby S.

The kids put on a long and elaborate play in the backyard for us.

Lucy bruised her cheek horribly earlier in the week (you can see the fading bruise in the picture in the car at the top). Then right before we left C-Ville she took a tumble in the driveway and added some nice road rash to the fading bruise. I think she still looked pretty cute.

 Here you can really see that cute smile on Miss S.

Those pictures do not do our weekend justice. It is always such a huge treat to spend time with such dear friends. We have plenty of lighthearted fun but we also discuss and hash out matters of faith, parenting, marriage, etc. together. It's a rare blessing to have such deep and honest friendships and I will never take them for granted!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

November 2014 (From the Big Camera)

As I'm starting this post it's occurring to me that I still have some October posts to do (our visit to C-Ville, iPhone photos) but I'm going to go ahead and document November 2014 and go back to those posts.

November absolutely flew by and sadly the same is happening with December. There are moments that are overwhelming but I have to say this is been a wonderful fall and I've been loving (almost) every moment. The girls are thriving, we've had lots of quality family time and fun outings and activities abound. So let's take a look at the pictures!

Thanks to rainy weather our last week of soccer ended up being makeup night games. The girls had so much fun this season. Avvie was more engaged by it than I expected.

Madeleine had a blast and the nicest coach. She, however, was slightly less engaged. She was in it for the team camaraderie. As far as playing went, she basically chatted it up on the field while the ball passed her by.

You can see Maddie and her buddies chatting it up in the center of the photo while the rest of the kids are off playing to the right. Fortunately she had a super patient and kind coach who encouraged her and the other kids but had a good handle on their skills and interest. (For the record, his daughter was a superstar!)

I don't remember where we were coming home from (maybe dinner out?) but Lu was out like a light! I think on my phone I have more pictures, I was able to change her into pjs and put her into her crib without her waking.

Lu enjoying pizza and apples.

I love that my girls love to be cozy and read--two things I hold in high regard. Bedtime routine usually includes both.

Lucy loves shoes, particularly these cowboy boots (given to Maddie by my dad years ago). I think they seem uncomfortable so for her birthday I gave her new furry boots. She tried them on once and now refuses to wear them! So the cowboy boots it is.

I love this cute toothless grin!

I watched Luke one morning and Avvie and Lucy smothered him with attention.

Oops! Cousin obstacle course.

His face in the above picture says it all. Lucy just can't stop hugging him!

We were making peanut butter and seeds pinecones and oranges for the birds. Lucy mostly just ate the peanut butter (and some seeds...)

Lulu insists on wearing Avvie's Anna costume and dancing wildly in it. Below she is listening intently to the music.

We went to the Swedish festival/import sale again this year with my Aunt Karen, Beth, Jessie, Luke and my mom. I love putting the girls in their Hanna Andersson garb and spending the day with some of my favorite ladies (and Luke!) even if most of us are barely Swedish.

Donna came for a few days, including Thanksgiving. It was a treat, as always, to have her with us!

We had a little celebration for Luke's birthday at our house. We love our Lukey!

Whew! I think that's most of November (excluding phone pictures). I'll be back when I am able!