Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Through the iPhone (January 2015 Edition)

The beauty of being behind on blogging is that there is a little more distance between the pictures and the post so I am reminded of things I'd started to forget. I enjoy reliving these happy moments.
An afternoon at the movies (they were kind of meh on the movie).
Fell asleep in the car, transferred to our bed for a short nap.

Maddie looks at her yearbook from last year every night. I thought it was pretty cute that she fell asleep looking at her kindergarten teacher and classmates.

This is back when the snow was still novel.

Sleepover night! The girls were so excited to have a sleepover (just them in Maddie's room). They planned every detail--movie, snacks, sleeping bags, nail polish. I put Lucy in her crib eventually but the older two slept soundly all night.
Lucy's painted nails cracked me up.

Her pigtails never fail to make me smile. This church morning they were of the more pouffy variety.

Avvie had a blast at a birthday party with some of her classmates.

I stumbled across this vignette in Avonlea's room. Sometimes when it's been a long day of drudgery (laundry, cleaning, carting kids all over in the mini-van) all it takes is seeing something like this to make me look at that "drudgery" in a different light.
A visit to Grandma's for Wendy's!

Maddie adores Luke and when he cuddled with her it made her night.

Shoprite smiles!

For some inexplicable reason the girls love washing the floor with me.

Avvie's face!

Sisterly cuddles courtesy of My Little Pony on the iPad.

Avvie's friend had a birthday party but Maddie and Lucy also scored invites! (Maddie is close with the birthday girl's sister.) Lucy was so proud to be one of the big kids.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Grandkids Chronologically

It was recently that time of year again--time to line up the grandkids in age order and attempt to take a picture of them all looking and smiling. It didn't quite happen, but close enough. It's a pretty cute group if I do say so myself.

Monday, March 16, 2015

January 2014 (From the Big Camera)

Wow, I missed blogging in February! And I still haven't made the blog private though I have every intention to do so. Turns out finding time to sit down and figure it out and input email addresses takes more time than I've had in the last couple months. Perhaps I'll find a time when I have the energy this weekend. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy looking back at pictures from January.

Little Erik was born at the end of December and we got to meet him New Year's Day. He is adorable and growing like a weed--looking at these pictures is startling b/c he looks so different in just a few months time.
Proud big brother and happy mommy


On the last day of the girls' Christmas break we went with my parents to a women's basketball game at Rutgers. We had so much fun! We figured we'd send out the break with a bang and went wild eating pizza, cotton candy, popcorn and pretty much everything else the arena had to offer. The girls had a fantastic time waving to the knight, dancing for the Jumbotron and in Maddie's case watching the basketball.
I think I may need to invest in a new uniform for Lucy for football season--this one is becoming a bit indecent!

 Eating pizza and waving to the knight.


I got to go up and visit Erik a couple times in January. He's so sweet. I feel a bit bad for him. Whenever we went to visit the poor thing was being continuously disturbed and startled by the wild cousins and siblings running and shrieking around him.

The picture below makes me laugh. Lucy was exhausted and apparently we weren't getting the bedtime routine started quickly enough. She settled into Maddie's arms and began to drift off (at which point we decided it was time to start the bedtime routine)!

January also brought Sammy's birthday. It was a fun month with the Shumans!

Sometimes when the girls are tucking into breakfast I just look at them so content and I think "I can't believe these are my daughters! What did I do to deserve such a great life?" (The answer is nothing and I don't deserve it!)

I make a lot of waffles and pancakes. It's a favorite and I like knowing when they head off to school they have eaten a satisfying meal of pancakes and fruit and are ready to face the day (and in Lucy's case, sometimes also sausage, eggs and yogurt...)