Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Through the iPhone: September 2014 Edition

I caught up on pictures from September that I took with my Nikon so now it's time to share pictures from my iPhone. Some of these pictures will correlate to pictures from the Nikon. I'm doing my best to confuse y'all with the varying perspectives!

 All smiles after a surprise lunch at Wendy's (wet and tangled hair courtesy of the pool).

Sometimes the girls will join me for a workout. Here is Avonlea in full Belle regalia doing Insanity.

A grasshopper missing a leg parked himself by our garage and the girls sadly watched his death.

Lucy loves tea and often steals mine.

My two little helpers helping with a bike shop errand after preschool pickup.

Taking a swig from the water bottle at soccer.

Andy fell asleep so Avonlea tucked him in.

These are from the Rutgers/Penn State game that Kim, Andy and I went to. It was pouring rain right up until we went in. We were so glad it cleared! Rutgers lost but it was a close game.



Bob is sometimes pushed to the max when we have three lazy girls.

  Happy at Home Depot (above) and over it at Target (below).

Soccer practice

Cuddle with Daddy

A pretty sunset at church (I was there for an evening meeting.)

Monday morning pancake making

There was an unseasonably warm day in late September so Jessie and I took Avvie, Lucy and Luke for a walk that ended up turning into wading session.


Lucy took a couple tumbles and I had to dash in with my sneakers and jeans on to fish her out. Jessie actually had a funny picture of her falling. It's somewhere on her blog if you want to go looking.
Btw, Lucy is wearing a shirt, not a dress. We took her cords off before she plunged in.

We enjoyed time in our neighborhood down at the river on some lovely days.

Lucy's dream come true--french fries and a taste of my diet coke.

After a morning of garage saling I got to see Luke when we dropped off a desk (!) that Jessie bought.

Block party egg toss above, tired and cozy girls below.

Apple and pumpkin picking with Beth and the boys (third to arrive soon!)

Have you ever seen someone look sadder? I don't remember why she was crying but I think it was something minor (well, not to her obviously).

Lucy garage sales with me on Friday mornings in the spring and fall while the big girls are at school. Often people give her stuffed animals. Ugh. We already have so many and used stuffed animals aren't my thing. I let her take them to be gracious to the giver (although sometimes I think they are doing it more to unload their crap than to be kind) and Lucy LOVES her loot.

My silly girls who are quite literally hanging off me most of the time.

And that, folks, is a wrap for September. I suppose I have videos that might be fun to share, but I'm calling it. On to October!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

September 2014 (From the Big Camera)

I'm lacking time and creative energy so I'm going to try and go through pictures by month and catch up a bit.

Let's start with September. I will do my phone pictures in a separate post.

Playing nicely with the dollhouse until something on TV suddenly got their attention!

Block Party! We love our neighborhood. 

 The above picture is the egg toss at the block party.
 Tuckered out after a busy weekend that included soccer and the block party.

These fall Avonlea played in the munchkin league and Maddie moved up to pee-wees. They both enjoyed it a lot. These pictures are from more than one Saturday but I'm too lazy to sort them out.
Maddie spent most of her time chatting with her friends in the middle of the game. More than once I had to shout to her to pay attention to the ball didn't hit her.
Avvie was a little more engaged in actually playing.

Aunt Jessie even caught part of a game.

We had some long mornings at the fields. Avvie's games were always at 9am but sometimes Maddie's weren't until 11am. We'd often go get bagels or donuts and come back. In the picture above the girls were pretty tired and tried to take naps on me. Eventually they gave up and ran around.


Kim came to visit! I don't have many pictures from that weekend but here we are before going to the Rutgers/Penn State game. I have a few more on my phone that will be in my next post. I love when Kim visits. She's such a close friend and a good sport about going with the flow. She came to soccer games, garage sales, church and various other routine weekend events. Not exactly glamorous but way more fun having her along for it all!