Monday, September 8, 2014

Avonlea's First Day of School

Today Avonlea started back to preschool. She is at the same school but with a new teacher. She briefly met her teacher and saw her classroom last week and was ready to go this morning. No nerves at all, just excited. She normally doesn't like to pose for pictures but she was in a cooperative mood this morning so I took a bunch. I just want to kiss her cheeks all day long! (And I kinda do and fortunately she's okay with it.) She was happy when we picked her up and is excited to go back in a couple days.


Avonlea's braids took more time than I planned so Lucy's bedhead was left untamed. She of course wanted to wear a backpack like her big sisters! She's not super verbal, but one of her favorite and clearest words is "backpack."

Friday, September 5, 2014

First Grade!

Maddie had her first day of first grade this week. She was excited to go and happy with her first couple of days. Happy but exhausted (and hot! No AC!). I was going to blog about a couple things that she said that made me tear up, but now that she's getting older I don't feel like I should share so much about things like that. For awhile I've been considering making the blog private and this is making me think more seriously about it. If I decide to do that, any friends and family out there who wish to continue reading will be able to sign in to do so, I'll give ample notice on how to do so before I change it to private.

Anyway, I'm glad Maddie is such a happy student but it's been a hard transition for us having her away all day. Before Maddie leaves for school we've been praying together and when I asked Avonlea what she wanted me to pray for she said that she wouldn't miss Maddie so much. Avvie has been super clingy to me and cranky and I think it's directly related to Maddie not being home. Maddie comes home tired and gets a little sad when she hears what we did without her (which is hardly thrilling). I miss Maddie a lot and pray that the instruction she is receiving and the peers she is spending her time with do not discourage her in the values and truths we are teaching her. And in fact, I hope that they will even encourage her, whether intentionally or not, in her faith. I trust God and trust His word:

For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Romans 8:38-39.

Yet again I've gotten serious but I can't help myself. Life is serious. And I take my kids seriously. Every minute matters because God is molding and shaping us and using us to do things that have eternal significance. And not just adults, kids, too! Kids are part of His plan and I intend to make sure my kids know that! No one is "just" a kid in this house! So, while I try not to worry about the time away from us, I do pray over it and try to fully trust God that He is in that time and place, too (and I know He is!)

Let's lighten things up. Here are some pictures:

I love these three!

Andy was able to go in a little bit late so he could see Maddie off on the bus.
We are so lucky to have an older girl on our street who is so sweet (as are her parents) and gives Maddie lots of advice about handling everything from the lunch line to bus seating.
Here's to a great year!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Through the iPhone: Summer Edition

Many of the moments most precious to me are captured on my iPhone since it's usually close at hand. Many of those pictures end up on Instagram and some make it onto the blog but not all so I thought I'd do a post with some of those pictures. I'm starting back in mid-May.
Ice cream sandwich at the May Fair

Grandma said this dessert was too big for her--but she finished it!

Lulu found the broccoli before I got it put away.

Maddie outgrew her pants by the end of school!

Rainy day at the bus stop

Date night at the movies with fancy reclining chairs

Early watermelon and peonies

Bus stop antics

Pops and the pool

Grocery shopping

Sleeping with Uncle Chris in church nursery

Date night at a Dave Matthews Band concert

Pool time during a visit from Nonna

When Maddie's Girl Scout bonfire was rained out we had an impromptu ice cream date instead

Maddie was so excited to get her first yearbook!

End of school party!

Avvie's "mad" face

My only climber! Fortunately she hasn't tried to scale her crib.

Sunday of the fourth of July weekend

Car wash

Raspberry picking at Uncle Ron's house

Relaxing with MorMor in the pool

Two weeks of tennis (an hour in the morning at the high school)

She insisted on napping in these sunglasses

Andy and Tim taking down loose tree limbs

Morning and picnic lunch at the sprayground

The girls love to help me wash the floor (even though Avvie doesn't look happy, she begged to help and happily scrubbed).

A visit to the farm to feed the animals

Lunch at the Circus Restaurant

Our visit to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden-they were terrified of the shark tunnel at first (see Avvie's face below) but ended up loving it.

The girls took the picture above and below!

Avvie loved touching the sting rays.
Above is the Philly skyline and below we stopped at one of our old haunts in Haddonfield for ice cream and to drive by our old house.

Beach day in Manasquan with Aunt Jessie and Uncle Tim and Luke

We watched caterpillars go through the cycle to butterflies and the girls loved it! We have our second set of caterpillars (now in their chrysalis form) going right now.

Maddie doing a photoshoot of Avonlea with all her ET stuff--ET shirt, picture, books and stuffed animal.

Lucy loves sungold tomatoes!

Maddie and her best friend did a week at Girl Scout (day) camp.

Lucy has developed a love for fiber's the last thing she needs if you catch my drift.

Nonna visited again and we headed back to the farm.

(Maddie was at camp.)

 Maddie came home filthy from camp!

 Peach picking!

Standup paddleboarding
Lu learning to use chopsticks on sushi and tomatoes

Dinner at Leggetts above and ice cream at GeeGees below
After ice cream some time frolicking on the beach

A trip to the Philly zoo with the Shumans

Wine tasting dinner at my parents house with a knowledgeable and nice expert

Loving Charlie

Bubble bath

Lunch at Surf Taco the day before we left for Bermuda

Lunch at Wegman's the day after we returned from Bermuda

Avvie slurping up spicy tortilla soup

Princess tea party playdate

Wow, that was a lot of phone pictures! I wonder if I have the energy/time for a similar post but with phone videos?!