Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

I've fallen a bit behind on blogging so I think I'll start with today (Halloween!) and work backwards. It was cold and at times a bit drizzly but we were fortunate that it didn't pour and we had a lot of fun trick or treating. I'll also include pictures from Avonlea's school "parade" earlier in the week and Maddie's earlier today. I was prepared to go all out on costumes this year, but they both wanted to use the Elsa and Anna costumes they already had so I figured if that made them happy there was no reason for me to devote hours to sewing and hot gluing costumes. We completed the ensemble by getting Lucy an Olaf costume (which she loved!). Even though I was at first a tad disappointed to not have our creative costumes, I was glad I followed the girls' lead on this because they couldn't have been happier and I ended up getting such a kick out of participating in the Frozen pop culture phenomenon. We saw more Elsas, Annas and Olafs than I could count!

Avonlea wanted to take pictures on the front steps before we left for school. I guess because I take first day of school pictures out there the girls now associate it with the spot for special pictures and often request to have their picture taken out there if it's a holiday, special outing, new dress, etc.

When Lucy saw Avvie put her dress on she wanted to get in on the princess action. She begged (in her limited but effective vocabulary) to wear Maddie's Anna dress but I convinced her to wear this dress in her size. Remember when Maddie got it?

After Avvie's parade Lucy and I went to visit my grandma. Usually we have bible study that day but we were too late b/c of staying for the parade so I figured it was found time and I know my grandma is so lonely. I'll share those pictures in another post (it was a sweet time with her!). Lucy was exhausted after we picked up Avvie and she conked out in her dress. I think she was crashing from a sugar high from the million cookies that Grandma gave her!

On Wednesday night we carved pumpkins and roasted seeds. The girls drew faces and Andy carved. I did the one in the middle. It was an attempt at Olaf. I don't see much resemblance but when a boy commented "It's Olaf" tonight I was quite flattered. I gave him an extra piece of candy.
Lucy wore her smocked pumpkin romper on Halloween morning while we did the school run and errands. I figured if not today, when? (I'll tell you when...every Sunday since mid-September and until Thanksgiving probably! It's too cute to not enjoy all season.)
And here's our Anna again, now on Halloween.

Seriously, was there ever a cuter Olaf?
We went to Maddie's parade at school in the afternoon. Andy worked all night long and got home just in time to come with us. My mom also came and we got a big kick out of seeing all the different costumes. Lucy was pretty nervous about the skeletons, zombies, etc.
Maddie was so busy talking to her friend and taking it all in that she walked by us twice without hearing us screaming her name. I managed to race ahead and get her attention (and picture) just before she went back in the school.
I loved the costume above! He (she?) was walking on his feet but it was a great illusion, at first I wasn't sure if he was really on his hands.
I wish Maddie was on this picture but she was parading with her class.
The school girls were so cute. The oohed and ahhed over Lucy as they walked by (you can see the girl in pink above clasping her hands and saying "Olaf! She's so cute!")


We trick or treated with the little girls above and another one of Maddie's best friends (and their parents). We are so blessed to have such great neighbors with such sweet playmates for our daughters. Everyone had a blast.

Elsas and Annas everywhere!

This is the other Elsa we trick or treated with after the parade.

Everyone meets by the river access and parades together to the park behind a fire truck. A couple of the dads then throw pounds of candy from the truck to the kids. A bit chaotic but a fun tradition with the dozens (I'm guessing over a hundred) kids. And then everyone scatters around to trick or treat and it's so festive with kids and parents milling about, the whole neighborhood buzzing. I'd say more parents than not are enjoying a beer or glass of wine while pushing strollers and escorting costumed hordes around the streets.

One of the moms I walked with who is such a dear was so prepared. (She always is!) She had a wagon full of bottles of water and various healthy snacks (turkey and ham, cantaloupe, etc.) that she'd whip out when moods dipped and some healthy calories were needed for a pick me up. She even had handwarmers when the kids got cold!
Lucy was terrifed of the bear in the picture below but Avvie was so enamored she wanted to pose for a picture. I guess this is one of our neighbors...

We met up with Jessie, Tim, Luke and Tim's parents. I wish I had more pictures but the girls were getting tired so I put away my camera to help carry them and candy  bags. I think Jessie got some pictures later so maybe I can snag some to share in a separate post. We came home and all had dinner (along with my parents) while the kids checked their loot and while we handed out candy.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Walk to the Park

Here are some pictures from an afternoon at the neighborhood park back in September.

Lucy loves this raincoat so sometimes I have to hide it so that she doesn't insist on wearing it on non-rainy days. Apparently I forgot to hide it this particular sunny day.

It was red day at school for Avvie.

I gave Avvie a choice of colors for her sneakers this year and she chose red. These are the reddest shoes I've ever seen! She loves them. They are pretty beat up already thanks to her love of puddles and mud but they are still rather bright.

Both the girls love to mother Lucy and helping her with the slide is one of their favorite ways to do that. In addition to lifting her off the slide I sometimes find them picking her up and trying to carry her around. Much as I still think of her as our baby, she really isn't a baby at all so she's not thrilled with being toted around by her (not much) bigger sisters.